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We’re sorry. You’re unable to log in at this time. Please try again later.

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Please enter the username and e-mail address associated with this account. Please enter the e-mail address associated with this account. Add your PayFlex Card to your digital wallet, Apple Pay ® or Samsung Pay®. Using a digital wallet to pay for eligible health care expenses is generally faster and more secure than swiping a card.

FAQ payflex login missing investment balance

How do I resolve issues with payflex?

To resolve, call us at 1-855-542-6183 (TTY:711). You’ve entered an incorrect username or password. Please try again. New to PayFlex? Create an online profile to manage your PayFlex account. Trouble logging in? If you’re covered by an HSA-compatible health plan, you may be eligible to open a PayFlex Individual HSA.

What are the benefits of payflex individual accounts?

Individuals – Pretax Accounts | PayFlex With PayFlex, you have the control and flexibility to plan, save and pay for your personal well-being, and it’s easier than ever. Learn more about all the pretax accounts PayFlex offers employees and how they can help you save on products and services you’re already spending money on, and more.

How do I request reimbursement from payflex?

You can request reimbursement on our website or the PayFlex Mobile ® app. If you linked your bank account, you’ll receive the reimbursement as a direct deposit to your personal account. It can take up to 48 hours for you to see the funds in your account. To link a bank account, log in and go to your account settings to get started.

What is payflex individual health savings account (HSA)?

PayFlex Individual Health Savings Account (HSA) As part of CVS Health®, we’re here to help you on your health care journey. With over 30 years of experience and serving more than 3 million account holders, we make it simple to plan, save, and pay for personal well-being.

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